Transforming Medical

Why Us?My Now?Why is Intrinsic Transformative?
3D rendering techniques enable immersive, high resolution, 360 degree inside tour of key anatomyCurrent 3D software generally lacks diagnostic value, complex, time consuming, expensive to license and operateBreakthrough industry technology + business model driving better patient outcomes, provider profitability
Positioned to address key industry shortcomings through:Meaningful use mandates and patient's demanding greater control over their medical treatmentHighest return on investment, levels the playing field for all healthcare providers
-Superior surgical planning and screeningHealth systems focused on ROI, faster payback and provider accountabilityAddresses current and anticipated future industry challenges, takes 3D from a "vitamin to a painkiller"
-Improved clinician to patient communicationGrowing gap between large and community hospitals
-Highest ROI, most cost effective 3D, affordable for all hospitals (large & small)Direction of healthcare: 30 million new entrants, reimbursement cuts, declining radiologist pay
Dr. Jeffrey RubinDr. Evan ApplebaumDr. Arie Blitz
Medical Director, Vascular Surgery
Detroit Medical Center
Imaging Expert, Assistant Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Chief of Cardiac Surgery
University of Cincinnati Medical Center
"Intrinsic's software takes standard CT and MRI data and visualizes actual patient anatomy in 3D, enabling superior analysis and interrogation of patient anatomical structures.""Intrinsic's software uniquely affords the user seamless fluidity of movement and thorough investigation and analysis of complex anatomy.""With Intrinsic, the anatomy could be viewed, and tears identified, in the context of surrounding structures without being limited by anatomical constraints that exist in traditional 2D and 3D views."