3D From the Inside
Saves Hospitals Money
Improves Care


Intrinsic’s FDA cleared “360 degree inside tour” of anatomy is the only software that enables patient screening and surgical planning that is dramatically superior to existing 2D / 3D views, cost effective for all hospitals, and does not require an expert to operate.


Our Software–as–a–Service (Saas) business model combines the alacrity of an “on–demand” service with transformative 3D, providing surgeons with a unique and value added perspective of key anatomy.


What Physicians Are Saying


“Throughout my career, I have utilized nearly all of the available medical imaging software applications, and can unequivocally say the Intrinsic 3D visualization software is superior. Intrinsic’s 360 degree view provides unprecedented clarity and the most complete picture of patient anatomy, taking cerebral vascular screening and surgical planning to a new level. Most importantly, is the positive impact on the quality of care and the resulting financial savings to the health care provider.”

–Murali Guthikonda, MD
Chief of Neurological and Skull Based Surgery
Detroit Medical Center

 Changing Landscape of Healthcare

  • Focused on Improving Provider Care & Profitability
  • Intrinsic’s highly differentiated 3D visualization platform and business model overcomes the significant and unresolved:
    • Cost
    • Usability
    • Surgical planning issues that have limited wider utility of 3D medical software
  • Recent cuts in medical professional reimbursement and newly implemented government policy have exacerbated these issues while catalyzing an opportunity for Intrinsic

The Intrinsic Advantage

3D rendering techniques enable immersive, high resolution, 360 degree inside tour of key anatomy.

Positioned to address key industry shortcomings through:

  • Superior surgical planning and screening
  • Improved clinician to patient communication
  • Highest ROI, cost effective 3D
  • Affordable for all hospitals (large and small)

Clinically Superior, Fast and Profitable 3D.